Monday, January 7, 2008

The Beginning

I have toyed with the idea of "blogging", but hadn't had the time to get it going. Nothing like a little heart burn in the middle of the night to get one motivated...Cape Cod is a unique place to live. Out here on a penisula sticking into the Atlantic Ocean one can feel a little vunerable. When people say "I just had to get over the bridge to see what was happening in the real world..." it means they went off cape over the Bourne or Sagamore Bridge. These 2 bridges (other than the defunct train bridge) are the only 2 ways on or off the Cape. Of course there is swimming the canal, but it is not highly recommended. So in our little bubble, we don't have Walmart or Target, but we did get a small BJ's and Home Depot. My friends and I are always ready for a "Target fix "or a "trip over the bridge". I ventured to Target the other day to use our Christmas present gift cards for some Wii games and accessories, when I browsed the Christmas section hoping to find m&ms at 1/2 price. Sadly I came out with no m&ms, but did come out with 2 6ft fake Christmas trees and a wrapping bonanza for $6! What other store would give you 90% off stuff! Hopefully I will remember where I put them next December!

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Saga said... guys have a Wii? Why don't we know that? holding out on us, hmmm? J will be over as soon as I tell him, so que up the golf.