Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Selectmen's meeting

Who thought I would blog about the selectmen's meeting today? It isn't so much the meeting that was funny, definitely not funny at all, but the written comments passed between me, my mom and my 2 daughters. My family has a bad habit of writing notes back and forth to each other when we can't talk. I guess it is now hereditary. Here are some excerpts.
K, " There is a lady here that is freaking me out!"
Mom, "Debbie has had her hair cut, it looks nice." Funny thing, it wasn't Debbie in the 1st place.
B, "Some of these people just go on and on" Then she has to add the T or F, circle your answer
Me, "Tommy's(my brother) arms were sore today from playing Wii"
B, "Did he call you and go boo-hoo-frickinfrickinhoo?"
B, "If they ask any questions after I talk, you have to answer." then I just nod and she writes, "kapeeish?"
K, "Sean( a selectman) looks bored out of his mind!"
B, "You're right, he's just sitting there staring at the clock probably he must want to go home for din-din."
Me, "MMMMmmmm, I wonder what R is making him?"
B, "Ha, ha, maybe we should go over."
K, "I'm gassie, can we go?"
Hopefully our giggles did not make it onto the tv version of the meeting. B did get up and complain that the post holes were not filled in when a barn was taken down. She said this was dangerous to animals and people. At home she said that a coyote could fall in it, then a horse could step in it and squish the coyote. Mind you, the hole is about 5 inches wide and 4 feet deep. She did a fine job and I am sure it can be used on her resume when she runs for President in the year 2034. I am sure we will be watching the selectmen's meeting reruns all week long.


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Sue--tried to find your email address--I think the hallmark thing was in the Oct mag!!! Sorry for the confusion! Steph (Manic)

As Cape Cod Turns said...

Steph, Don't worry. I probably have that month laying around here somewhere too. I do enjoy that magazine and I am happy you were in it (kind of in it :).