Saturday, January 12, 2008

OK, survived the sleepover! Hopefully I have added the slide show on correctly so you can all be as horrified, I mean, amused as I was. And yes, there were some socks added to their upper 1/2s.

This morning, K and her friend S were in the basement roller blading. I think they were practicing for the next roller blade party. So I am trying to enjoy my tea and catch up on the news when there is the following ruckus from the basement..
"Shriek! What does the dog have?"
"I don't know a webkinz?"
"Gretel, drop it!"
Lot's more shrieking. Of course I am still sitting, trying hard to ignore because I know I will be the one who will have to save them from whatever the dog has found. 2 girls and 1 dog come running up the stairs. Mind you they still have roller blades on so this doesn't happen too too fast. They find me in the living room. Even with my eyes closed they find me. Remember when you were a kid and you would think no one could see you if you couldn't see anyone else?
"Mom, Gretel found a FROG! She had it in her mouth and was shaking it!"
"OK< OK, I'll save you from the dead frog"
Thankfully B was too into the Wii to be paying attention because she would have wanted to dissect it. So I went down and picked up the petrified (as in very stiff, very dead) frog and threw it away. That's me, an everyday hero!

Another funny, maybe not so funny, but it caught my eye in the paper this morning. It was around 50 degrees here yesterday and rainy so that caused many thunder and lightening storms. Not the usual for January, but not surprising knowing that the common belief for weather in New England is if you don't like it, wait an hour. So lightening hit a school in Sandwich. They evacuated all the kids out into the storm to make sure the roof wasn't on fire. The kids (I think it was a k-8 school) were out in the storm for 10 minutes. Um, hello, did they tell the kids to stand out in the middle of a field,under some trees or to hang around the metal playground? Was the administration counting on lightening doesn't hit the same place twice theory? Thankfully the fire dept checked the gym first so the kids could all be herded back in there to wait out the rest of the search.

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