Friday, January 18, 2008

3:30am-you brush your teeth........

When I wake up in the morning and it's quarter to four and you just can't sleep any more, you brush your teeth...... Thank you Raffi for that lovely song....
What does one write about at 3:30am when 'normal' people are sleeping? Why does my brain believe that my best thinking and problem solving can be done in the middle of the night? I thought I would sleep well tonight since we finally got the 3rd grade epic book report done. B had to read a book and then make an A-Z book where every letter represented something from the book. She had to write a long sentence or 2 and then illustrate. 3 weeks ago, I thought 'piece of cake', by 7 tonight (technically last night), the last few letters became a team effort between B, K and myself. The 3 of us deserve an A.
My mom (Nana) picked up B and her friend A from chorus today. In the 20 minutes she had with them she knew:
"Grandma has toes all squished together."
"Well, my Grandma's toes are yellow."
"Our cleaning lady comes on Wed and walks our dog first." (no I do not have a cleaning lady, this came from A)
"For the talent show, we are going to get cool outfits from Justice and have our bears in strollers on the stage and dance, do gymnastics and tae kwon do." (They have 60 seconds on stage to get all that done)
"Last night my brother and I made an obstacle course in the basement and we were doing handstands on the couch."
My mom should have written this tonight because she could have given more detail. B and A are a riot and can talk about the color of the wall for 10 minutes and have you riveted. Stand by for tonight because B is having A and K sleep over so they can practice their big act. A's mom is coming over for wine which we will be enjoying in another room (Sags you want to come over for that too? Better yet, maybe we will cross the street to you-kidding!). 10 yr old K is in charge of choreographing their act, so we are off the hook .....for tonight anyway. We are the directors of the elem. school talent show, so there will be plenty more blogging on that!
OK, going to try for a couple hour nap now. ZZZZzzzzzzz

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Saga said...

Ugh, I didn't read this until sunday. Also, Little S will not be performing in the Talent Show this year b/c we will be away. You guys will have to persevere w/o us!!! If you are home, come over for the Giants game tonight.