Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Abandon Ship

Well the day started off with my sister in law, Kathryn, calling to tell me that her husband's 48 foot fishing boat sank at the dock. This is usually not an easy feat, but the boat has seen better days and evidently a few screws disintegrated near the prop on the bottom of the boat. There was a little diesel fuel spill, in the picture you will notice the white styrofoam things in the water. No one was on the boat when it went down and the Coast Guard was able to get it up with the help of the harbor master. It was hauled out this afternoon, so the damage on the bottom could be assessed. Here are a few pictures...The Coast Guard and Captain Tim share a laugh in an otherwise crappy situation.

A funny closing note from B.... we were eating dinner and DH and I were expounding our wisdom on our daughters and telling them not to be poor when they get older (good advice, huh?). They have very fine taste and were moaning about how they want to go to Florida (Disney) and stay in a 5 star hotel. Like they would know a 5 star hotel other than the Tipton from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. So Brooke says,
"Don't worry about (my friend) K, she is going to be a supermodel and I am going to be rich with my many talents."
Maybe there is hope for that 5 star nursing home I have my eye on for someday.

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Saga said...

couldn't you have gotten a better shot of the CG boys? Or at least asked them to take off their shirts? Sheesh.