Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bravery Comes In Many Forms

Thank you veterans for giving us a day to remember all the effort, blood, sweat and tears you put into our country.

I will not compare myself to the bravery of veterans and their hard work because they do things I would never be able to do. However, my day consisted of effort, blood, sweat and tears.

K came home from school yesterday with a fever. I know that my girls are really sick when they actually have a fever. K has been sickish for what seems like months, but has been weeks. Actually a lot of crap has waded through the house for the past few weeks; America should buy stock in tissues solely based on our house. Still a fever and coughing up a lung this morning landed us in the Doctor's office. I am not sure if I have written about K and Dr's offices before, but let me just say they mix as well as oil and water.

Basically everything was going along pretty well until the Dr. felt her neck lymph nodes. "Hmmm, has she been around anyone with mono, recently?" Ugh, not the question I want to hear. We decided that anything was possible, so we got the green light for a blood test(TEARS). Let me just tell you that the last blood test required 2 hulking men and me holding K down. This BLOOD test required a special cream that you apply an hour before the blood test to numb your skin. That plus, music through ear buds, sunglasses and every ounce of bravery the girl could muster(SWEAT).

We survived the blood test (EFFORT), then she came home and slept for 3 hours.

She was laying in her bed off the living room because something was on on the TV that she did not want to watch. The toys I have for my niece, R, are also in her room. So, B and I hear this little voice coming out of her room... "Hey guys! Want to come hang out in my room?" A little louder, we hear, "I've got Barbies. I've got horses. I've got a barn." A little louder than that,  "Guys? Hey guys? Don't you want to come and hang in my cool room with me?"

Let's hope the mono test is negative because this girl needs to be entertained when she is sick. She does not take the route of B or myself which is just let us curl up in our rooms and bring us the occasional bowl of soup. We will have to pull out all the stops, crayons, coloring books and poker chips.

And maybe even Barbies.


Melisa Wells said...

Hope she feels better soon!

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

I'd totally come over to play Barbies, I'll bring the surgical masks!