Sunday, November 16, 2014


I feel very lucky to belong to the church that I have belonged to for more than 15 years. The congregation is a family, not just a group of people that hang out together for an hour or so every week. I especially feel lucky to have them as extended family because it takes a village to raise kids and they have helped me raise my two.

Today, B and 3 other teens became confirmed; as in they became members of the church. They had to go through a journey together to become confirmed. They went on a retreat together and each had an adult mentor to guide them on their path. They each had to write and read a faith statement out loud to the church congregation.

The poise, confidence and whit these 4 young people displayed today brought tears to my eyes. I am not sure at 14/15 if I could have spoken to my church. Then again, church was different back then (way back then). We had a congregation and we were friends with lots of people, but other than being in the children's choir, I do not remember being apart of services. In our church now, we have inter-generational services once a month which I love. It's great to see all ages contributing to one service. I also love watching the children grow up. Yes, it makes me feel old, but if is very cool to see the kids I knew as babies, as young adults.

So, a big thank you to Joe and Amy for today. Thank-you for your unfaltering work. Thank-you for making our church as important as our home. Thank-you for giving B a firm foundation in faith.


KK said...

Amen!! A wonderful, heartwarming day for everyone!! : ) Our church is such a gift!!

Melisa Wells said...

What a great day! How wonderful that you have a church community, and that your girls have grown up surrounded by it. xo

Anonymous said...

The service today was beautiful and so meaningful! The church family showed how much they cared for these young people and made you know they will take good care of them. Many people there that had seen B grow from a baby to a beautiful young woman. It was a wonderful day for our family with many used tissues. Love you B. Nana