Thursday, November 20, 2014

Florida or Bust

#TBT to a healthy time in Florida

Life is not fair.

BUT, no one promised it would be.

BUT it is very hard to explain to a 17 year old who has had mono for about a month now that her trip to Florida is hanging on how she feels by Saturday.

Yes, K does have Mono and instead of getting better, she is getting worse.

The most frustrating thing about being a mom, is not being able to help your child feel better. I mean, I get her cold drinks, I bring her saltines, Kleenex, italian ice, Advil, but not one of those things is making her feel better for the long term. Tonight she asked if we had any frozen pizza, this is the first real thing she has asked for all week. I jumped in the car, drove to the store, bought a pizza, didn't even put it in a grocery bag, drove home and put it in the oven.

She is also my child that does not like affection shown toward her. Laying next to her drives her crazy. Petting her head gets you a grimace of "what the hell are you doing?". All I want to do is wrap her up in my arms and take her pain away and I cannot. I cannot even attempt it and that makes me feel less of a mom. So instead we text, we sit near each other on the couch and I worry. Worry that I am not doing enough to make her feel better and wondering all the time why this kid can't catch a break. The poor thing has had one disappointment after another. Now granted, I always see the glass as half full and she prefers to see it as half empty, but seriously, the girl needs something good to happen.

So, I will throw it out to the blogosphere to say a prayer or think a good thought and send it in her direction.



Melisa Wells said...

Sending wishes for an ASAP recovery her way!
And I'm sure you're doing all you can! You're a great mom. xo

Anonymous said...

There is nothing i would rather do than give her hugs to know we want her to get better! Drink, drink, drink, K so we can get you better. She needs some sunshine! <3

Anonymous said...

You've got my best wishes coming her way. Hoping for a big break and a quick recovery on the horizon.