Monday, November 17, 2014


Grandstanding to behave or speak in a way that is 

intended to impress people and to get public 


Grandstanding is often what football players do after they make a great play or score a touchdown. A little bit of grandstanding is fun to watch, especially if the game is really close. Grandstanding becomes obnoxious when the score is 52-6 and the team who has 52 is still dancing in the end zone after yet another touchdown.

We got to thinking last night about grandstanding in other venues.

Ice-cream shop: "Yes! I got a $5 tip! That's right, I rock. Bring it baby," while waving around the ice-cream scoop.

A bar: "OMG that is the BEST martini I have ever had! Those olives are UNBELIEVABLE!" Of course the person is standing on the bar while shouting this.

Teaching: The teacher walking down the hall with a quiet line of Kindergartners (I am sure it could be possible.) "That's right principal! This is the best line ever! You know it !"(chest bumps principal and then runs down the line high fiving all the students)

Grocery Store: Saving $50 on a $200 bill. Grabbing the store microphone, doing a moon walk and repeating "I am a SUPER SAVER!!!"

I wonder if football players, when they are showing film to their grandchildren, look back on their grandstanding as cool or embarrassing?

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I can't find my blog said...

Over the top and totally unnecessary. Celebrating withyour teammates with high 5s or the like is acceptable. Grandstanding is not! It takes 11 guys to make that touchdown and the one grandstanding is making an ass of himself.

Shall I tell you how I really feel about it? ;-)