Thursday, November 6, 2014

We Like Kindergarten (then smile)

I was walking down the hall at school today and passed this....


That little girl does not exactly look very happy to be in Kindergarten or to be anywhere for that matter. She sort of looks like a possessed girl from those scary movies that I refuse to watch. I never went to Kindergarten myself. I must have really excelled in nursery school and preschool. Somehow, I launched straight to 1st grade. And thank goodness, if this is what the Kindergarten kids looked like.

On further inspection of this "book", aka scary nightmare, it was published in 1966. Phew, before I was born! Maybe kids straightened out and cheered up by the time I got to first grade. I could blame it solely on the illustrator (Eloise Wilkin), but then I read the book and decided it was a freaky conspiracy between the author (Clara Cassidy) and the illustrator.

"We sit quietly". Huh. That is not something that any of the Kindergarten classes that I have been in in the past 3 years would EVER say!!!! Or do on a consistent basis.

I think this needs to go on the "banned book list" of the elementary school.

Rest in peace Ms. Wilkin, who was evidently a cherished Little Golden Book illustrator.
And, I only found that Ms. Cassidy wrote this one book.