Tuesday, November 25, 2014

If I Had a Hammer...

I was at the YMCA one morning last week at 5:30 AM. (B swims that early some mornings. Just so you know, I will be that mom in the P&G ads where the athlete is thanking the mom for all that they do to help the kid succeed.)

So, I had to workout, otherwise, I would have fallen asleep in my car. I did the treadmill, the bike and then got on the floor to stretch and attempt a few crunches. As I was laying there staring at the ceiling, I noticed the nails.


There were many nails sticking through the ceiling. This, of course, got me to thinking. What exactly were the builders thinking? I have hammered many a nail into a wall and when I hit "nothing" I knew it.  Were the builders hammering on the roofing tiles and knowing that they were hitting "nothing", just not caring? Did they think they were hitting insulation? I can see this happening once and a while, but there were a LOT of nails showing in the ceiling.

It's suppose to blow tomorrow up to 80mph. I hope someone in Hyannis does not get a bunch of roofing tiles in their yard for a Thanksgiving present.

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