Sunday, November 9, 2014

Senior Year Pictures

K is a senior this year.

As in, HS senior.

I have taken 100s of pictures of her as a hope to nail her "senior picture".

I have taken many of her friends' senior pictures, but somehow my expertise in pictures has not been "good enough" for her.

Today, B went off with K and shot 400 or so pictures.

This is the result...

Seriously? I think my little girl should get a professional camera for Christmas.

PS. extra points if you recognize the green boat behind her.....


Melisa Wells said...

I get extra points, whoop whoop! That's the boat in your header!

B is quite talented. Give that girl a camera!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, B with a beautiful subject! I think a nice camera should go on the top of your list. You and your Mom can go into business together! The one reason that we have pictures of your Mother, is because you took them. <3