Friday, November 28, 2014

Day After Thanksgiving

Since I have been unconsciously wishing people Merry Christmas since yesterday instead of Happy Thanksgiving (what is wrong with me?), today was the day to organize before the Christmas decorations go up. Seriously, I clean and put things away to make room for Christmas. Do other people do this?

I have decided to take a break and check out what my friends are doing via my computer all while watching Frosty the Snowman. Yes, I am home alone and I am choosing to watch Frosty. Normal, right?

I love the "old" Christmas shows. Rudolph is my favorite. When I was little, I would draw all the characters while watching the show.

Charlie Brown Christmas comes in as a strong second. And the Christmas music that goes with it is my number one Christmas music.

I love the original Grinch much more than the new Grinch. I love Max the dog/reindeer.

Frosty is a good one. I always have thought that the girl Karen looks like my sister and I think I was a little jealous that she was Frosty's best friend.

So, I kicked off the season today by buying my first Christmas decoration instead of going Black Friday shopping. Yes, believe it or not: I DID NOT GO BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING TODAY. It still hurts a little to see it in print, but I am actually pretty ok with it.

Here's to adding some more decorations around this one!!


Anonymous said...

A very pretty angel and a nice hot chocolate! The best! Nana

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

We spent this Black Friday, like we do every year, not shopping and making room for Christmas, too :)

Sister karen said...

The things you find out while reading your blog.... :)