Thursday, November 13, 2014


My blog friend Momo wrote about wishes on 11/11. Here, go check her out, I'll wait!

I had forgotten how I used to make wishes at 11:11 on the clock. And I never had thought of a day full of wishes on 11/11. The funny thing is a day or two before I read Momo's post, I had a dream where I was looking through my camera lens or a telescope and saw thousands of shooting stars. I panicked in my sleep and was trying to come up with a bunch of wishes. I knew I had to make it count because how many wishes are you really allowed to make? I don't recall what I wished for in that dream.

Remember the genie in Aladdin played by Robin Williams? Remember I dream of Jeannie? What would you do if you had a genie on hand to make wishes come true? What if you could only have 3 wishes? I remember when I was little and friends and I would have this conversation. Would you use your first wish to wish for an infinite amount of wishes? Was that fair? Would you use your wish for a million dollars a day? Could you spend a million dollars a day? I would certainly try... Perhaps you would wish to live forever? Would you want that? To live forever, if your family and friends could not live forever?

Maybe you would wish for a super power. I have always wanted to fly, that would be a cool wish. Maybe being invisible would be fun? I have always wanted to be a fly on the wall in many situations.

I believe, as I have gotten older, my wishes have turned to prayer. I know I cannot pray to win a billion dollars, but I know that I can pray to have enough. And enough is good enough right now.

At least until 11:11pm....

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Momo said...

I wouldn't want to live forever, but a million dollars a day? I'll take it!