Monday, November 3, 2014

The Elsa Halloween

Halloween just passed.

Hmmm, why didn't I mention it sooner? I am not a big fan of Halloween which I have written about before. Therefore, my girls are not big fans of Halloween either. I swear I made Halloween fun when they were little. They always went trick or treating with their cousins in the best neighborhood, they sorted and traded their candy and went to sleep that night with smiles on their faces. I guess my "love" of Halloween is transparent now. 

We still carve pumpkins, though. Well, we carved them this year at 4:30 on Halloween night, but they were spookily glowing in no time and I made pumpkin seeds, too.  That counts, right?

                                             B and her friends getting in on the fun

At the elementary school where I work, it is tradition to have a parade of the kids (grade 2-4) downtown, while the younger children walk around the fire station. Our fire station is in the middle of being rebuilt so we jogged around the local infield once. It was perfect. Oh, what was I dressed as? A cowgirl because it was easy and comfy. 

The funny thing was that out of the 100 or so children in the kindergarten and first grade, 50 or so are girls. There were 14 Elsa's out of that 50. Basically a third of the girls in K and 1st grade were Elsa. The librarian brought them all into the library and had them sing Let It Go which I so wish I could post here because it was adorable.

I never took pictures of my girls before they went to their respective parties, but I did get my niece and 2 of her besties (one of which was Elsa!).

Damn, it would have been a good week to buy Disney stock.....


Melisa Wells said...

Not one Elsa came to my door! I was amazed!

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

We're probably the ONLY family who hasn't seen Frozen, or gone to Disney...SLACKERS!