Monday, November 10, 2014

Who Invented Scales

I had my annual physical this afternoon.

I was hoping that something hysterical would happen in the waiting room to spur on a blog post, but no such luck. During NaBloPoMo, I tend to look for things to write about and seriously, what is better than a waiting room?

Actually, I was in the waiting room for about 21/2 minutes, so no luck there. Then it was off to the evil scale. I have learned that knowing how much I weigh as a number is not a good thing for my mental state. If I am down a few pounds then I think, "ooh, what can I eat". If I am up a few pounds then I still eat, but feel really bad about it and myself. I am really good at obsessive thinking so I try to avoid scales like the plague. I have found a new trick that works and probably makes me look silly, but I do not care.

I close my eyes.

I wonder what the nurse thinks when I do this? Maybe more people than I think do something like this when they get on a scale. All I know is that it works for me. And at the Doctor's office, it's survival of the fittest (or at least being able to walk out with your dignity in tact).


Melisa Wells said...

I like to wear my lightest clothing and take of every possible layer without revealing too much. For the record, "thinking light" doesn't work. LOL

Anonymous said...

This scale is in the hall for all to see! It just calls you and you can't take off all your clothes. You are lucky to get your shoes off! I share your pain, my dear! Love, Nana

KK said...

I go first thing in the morning AND I turn around on the scale so I am not facing the stupid, digital, sign of hell : )

Unknown said...

I close my eyes, too; but when the physical is over, the doc hands me a print-out of results. Guess what's at the top??? WEIGHT Also, a day later I get an email that I have a message on the "Patient Portal." Again it is a summary of the visit. Guess what's the first item? WEIGHT